Welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web

I'm a software developer by trade and I've created this site as a one-stop shop for information pertaining to my personal and professional lives. Apparently they let anyone put websites online these days, so welcome to mine.

My life right now

I'm a Senior Platform Engineer at Zapier and am currently working remotely around the US. Recently, I lived in a van with my fiancée (by choice).

My experience

If you're interested in a curated list of my best projects, look no further. You can also check out my GitHub profile, which is is all of the public code I've ever written.

My main expertise is in Typescript and Javascript, especially as they pertain to Node.js both on the server or CLI. I'm also handy with Python and React.js. Once upon a time, I wrote a lot of Ruby.

My media lists

I maintain a comprehensive list of everything I play, read, and watch. Partly to source info for my yearly media awards blog post, but also just because it's fun. Each follows my 4-point media rating system. Check them out:

Black Lives Matter

It should go without saying, but doesn't.

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