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My Favorite Media of 2022

Join me once again for my annual media roundup, celebrating the best games, movies, shows, and books I experienced in 2022!


Gaming on a Budget

My tips for building a large library of videogames extremely cheaply.

My Favorite Media of 2021

A walk through my favorite games, movies, shows, and books of 2021.


Review: Beast Breaker

What if you were playing a billiards RPG, but your cue ball was you, an adorable warrior mouse armed with a variety of pointy objects?

My Favorite Media of 2020

An exploration of my favorite 2020 escapism methods (aka the best things I read and watched this year).


My Favorite Media of the Year (2019 Edition)

Take a peek at the best things I read, played, or watched in calendar 2019!


My Favorite Media (2018 Edition)

A look back at the best and brightest media of 2018


A Few More of my Favorite Things

A look back at some of my favorite media in 2017


A Few of My Favorite Things

A lookback at the best (and worst) of media in 2016


FTL: A Blend of Narrative and Gameplay

Take You To the Candy Box

Habbo You Tell Me How to Act

Simulations, Simulated

Get Into the Flow