Drop Me a Line

The best way to reach me is via email: beamneocube@gmail.com. I read every one and reply to nearly all of them.

Otherwise, I'm active on Mastodon as @xavdid@mastodon.social, so drop me a line!

Around The Web

  • Social
  • Technical
    • GitHub, where all my code lives
    • StackOverflow, where I ask, edit, and answer programming questions.
    • PyPI, where my Python packages are released
    • npm, where my Javascript packages are released
  • etc.
    • Steam, where I can show off my gaming habit.
    • Keybase, which has my public key and other verified webites.
    • Instagram, where I post ART.
    • YouTube, full of a truly eclectic collection of moving pictures.
    • Kickstarter, where I back friends' projects, playing cards, and board games.
    • IMDb, to collect my numerous professional acting credits.
    • Vine, a defunct collection of discretized snippets of 6 second awesomeness.