I specialize in crafting exquisite developer experiences, especially on the command line. I have experience both leading and participating in technical product teams. I have also provided formal mentorship to many up-and-coming engineers who went on to be valuable members of our team.


Programming Languages

  • Typescript
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • ...and others


  • Django
  • Express
  • React
  • ...and more

Other Technical Expertise

  • Zapier
  • AWS Lambda
  • Web API Design & Implementation
  • Open Source Development
  • Technical Documentation
  • Automation
  • Distributed Systems
  • Database Schema Design
  • Airtable
  • Community Moderation

Work Experience (6)

Senior Software Engineer, Sandboxes
Jun 2022 - Current
Remote https://stripe.com

The sandboxes team is a new team at Stripe that's responsible for the products and features users need to help users gain confidence in their integration. We are responsible for building fully data-isolated environments, which will be the focal point of all integrations.

  • TBD

Senior Software Engineer, Developer Platform
Sep 2016 - May 2022
Remote https://zapier.com

One of a team of 6, I maintained and actively expanded the Zapier Developer platform, which powers nearly all of the 4,000+ Zapier integrations.

  • Served Zapier's developers by triaging issues, providing technical support, and turning their feedback into actionable tickets on our end.

  • Helped drive the evolution of the Zapier Platform to support changing product requirements and the future of integration development.

  • Managed the orchestration and execution of millions of AWS Lambda functions daily.

  • Provided technical mentorship in Zapier's inagural "Path into Engineering" cohort by explaining a wide range of full-stack topics and best-practices.

  • Supported the Legacy Web Builder and participated in a years-long effort to convert legacy apps to modern ones. This involved a compatibility layer, migration tooling, automated error rate monitoring, and more.

  • Wrote foundational pieces of Zapier's functionality, such as the Slack integration and (unnamed upcoming release)

  • Helped scale the engineering team from fewer than 20 members to more than 100 throughout my tenure. I helped structure onboarding plans, interviewed applicants, improved our take-home test, and wrote guidance for future interviewers.

  • Promoted to Senior Engineer Dec. 2019.

Software Engineer - Internal Tools
May 2014 - May 2016
Palo Alto, CA https://salesforceiq.com

Created internal tools that supported the productivity of other employees, both technical and non-technical. Also worked directly with the CTO to quickly roll out (mostly) pre-alpha and MVPs of new projects.

  • Joined RelateIQ, later SalesforceIQ. RIQ was acquired by Salesforce 3 months after joining.

  • Re-wrote internal information site in the interest of stability and user experience.

  • Created a full-featured Ruby SDK to access our API.

  • Architected a testing framework from scratch to provide unit tests for our Zapier integration.

  • Maintained a set of Ruby and JavaScript-based processes that drove business operations.

International Referee Development Program
Mar 2014 - Nov 2016

Technical lead responsible for the creation and maintenance of the IRDP website.

  • Worked closely with the International Quidditch Association to power worldwide referee certification tools.

  • Internationalized most of the site into 3 languages.

  • Used Parse to implement backend and authentication and expanded Parse Ruby Gem to fit site needs.

  • The organization was acquired by the IQA and I transitioned off the project.

Software Development Intern
May 2013 - Aug 2013
Detroit, MI https://backstit.ch

Full stack web development, focusing on Rails. Created webpages from mockups, improved data processing for external links, and social media management.

  • Learned Ruby/Rails, Javascript, and HAML on the fly to be able to be a productive member of the team.

  • Aided marketing intern in the production of Google ADWords campaigns, demographic targeting, and UX design.

Software Engineer Intern
May 2012 - Aug 2012
Ann Arbor, MI https://fetchnotes.com

Backend development on a Python/Tornado stack. Developed on the API and improved object oriented design of storage objects.

  • Expanded upon a flexible API to afford access to Mongo objects both internally and (eventually) other developers.

Projects (3)

The Zapier Developer Platform
Sep 2016 - Current

I was a core maintainer of this mono-repo, which houses the CLI, SDK, and Schema that define and power all 4,000+ Zapier integrations.

Advent of Code
Dec 2017 - Current

Solved a increasingly-difficult series of programming tasks. Each day, I wrote a detailed explanation of how/why my solution worked in an effort to each computer science concepts to others.

See also: the projects page on my website

Education (1)

Bachelor of Arts
Social Computing Informatics
University of Michigan
2010 - 2014

My informatics degree was the better part of the Computer Science curriculum coupled with the breadth of knowledge one gets from a typical Liberal Arts education. See below for a link to a more complete description of my coursework.


A cheat-sheet for how I work and what drives me.