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Perfect Project Management with Linear

Building my perfect project management workflow with Linear and Python

Building an Advent of Code Solution Showcase

Documenting my journey and tech stack selection for building a static site in 2023.

The Ultimate Afterparty Season 2 Puzzle Hunt Guide

A complete, consolidated, spoiler-free, step-by-step guide to every puzzle in The Afterparty's second season.

Climb Every Mountain, Run Every Test

My journey to create a universal test runner

Archive Your Reddit Data While You Still Can

I've written a tool for creating a searchable archive of all your Reddit data.


Python Dataclasses from Scratch

Learn about Python's dataclass module and implement a working version from scratch!


Pythonista Power Pack

Augmenting Automation on iOS With the Power of Python and Workflow

Errors Are Usually Bad! A Cautionary Tale


The Week of Code is Here!

What the Hell is a Python?