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My Individual Contributor README

A brief overview of how I work as an IC.

My Favorite Media of 2020

An exploration of my favorite 2020 escapism methods (aka the best things I read and watched this year).


My Perfect Task App

I have come to the sad realization that there is no perfect task app. Many are good and some are great, but nothing will ever be perfect. Nevertheless, I spec out my ideal app.

On the storing of Dates

In all of my personal record keeping, I use a slightly unusual method of tracking the date. Learn how I do it and what problems it solves

The Mysterious Keka Slider

A quick dive comparing relative effectiveness different compression speeds and formats.

Voting Roll Call

Voting won't solve everything, but it certainly won't make anything worse. These are instructions to help you make sure all your Facebook friends are registered to vote!

An Ode to Kobo (My Favorite eBook Reader)

A brief retelling of my quest to find the best ebook reader.

My Favorite Media of the Year (2019 Edition)

Take a peek at the best things I read, played, or watched in calendar 2019!


My Favorite Media (2018 Edition)

A look back at the best and brightest media of 2018


Thunderbolts and Lightning

In which a surge protector does not protect as much as is expected

The Party of Lincoln

The GOP claims to be the party of Lincoln Let's examine that claim.

On the Rating of Media

Learn more about how I rank all of the media I track in a consistent manner

David's Definitive Marvel Movies Ranking

Read my personal ranking of all currently-released MCU Movies. You won't believe how many there are! Seriously, they just keep making these things.

A Few More of my Favorite Things

A look back at some of my favorite media in 2017


Bogosort in Practice

If you actually implemented Bogosort, how bad could it be?

How Hackers Steal Your Data (and How to Make it Harder for Them)

The ins and outs of password security

A Few Good X-Men

The cannonical order in which to watch the X-Men movies

A Few of My Favorite Things

A lookback at the best (and worst) of media in 2016


Holmesword Bound

Quidditch by the Numbers

The Great Migration

Heroku CLI Plugins and You


What's in a Name?


Pythonista Power Pack

Augmenting Automation on iOS With the Power of Python and Workflow

Errors Are Usually Bad! A Cautionary Tale

IF Shirt THEN Bounce That Email

Nothing, what’s Infor-mata With You?


The Week of Code is Here!

FTL: A Blend of Narrative and Gameplay

Take You To the Candy Box

What the Hell is a Python?

Habbo You Tell Me How to Act

Simulations, Simulated

Get Into the Flow

If I Were a Recycling Manager, What a Difference I Would Make

The Story of David's Dark Past

To Infinity and Beyond

The Quilt of our Lives

Two Sides of the Same Coin